Heavy shielding door solutions and neutron shielding for radiotherapy, particle therapy, radiology, cyclotrons and all industrial NDT environments.

Neutron shielding services

DHA and Radiation Technology Limited have teamed up to provide a cost effective and comprehensive shielding design service for both new and existing high energy radiotherapy Linac bunkers.

Alan Sherwin, CEO of Radiation Technology Limited, is a long-established authority on neutron shielding, and has particular expertise in the design of high-energy Linac facilities.  Alan pioneered the use of neutron-absorbent room/maze linings in the early 1980’s, and most of the lined Linac mazes in place today were built to, or derived from, his innovative designs.  RTL provides detailed practical advice and guidance, based on 3D bunker modelling and Monte-Carlo calculations, accurately predicting the shielding required and it’s optimal location. 

RTL’s designs now incorporate its own latest cost-efficient shielding products such as n-Modex neutron moderating granules and BoraTex boron-faced paper for capture of thermal neutrons.  New simplified methods have greatly reduced installation costs. DHA are providing RTL with sales and marketing support. Installations in Nottingham, Portsmouth and Inverness have recently taken place. Neutron shielding is usually required for open maze bunker entrances with Linac energies in excess of 12MV and Particle Therapy installations.

Bunker lead shielding and bunker lead upgrades

DHA can now supply in combination with these services, extruded “Chevron lead rail” from Calder Industrial Materials for the upgrading of existing bunkers to support conventional Linac, Cyberknife and Tomotherapy systems or for brand new bunker builds where lead shielding is required. The Chevron lead rail is 10cms high and can be supplied in a variety of thicknesses and lengths while a design, project management and installation service is available to all customers.

Our door solutions

Manufactured by DIB in Dijon, France, the doors are of very high quality, meeting all European standards, and can be tailored for any photon energy, with or without an entrance maze.  There are sliding-door variations running on lintel mounts or rails if very heavy and swing doors, addressing all possible requirements.

These door systems offer great value, are easily serviced, and come with a twenty-year guarantee. They are suitable for any Radiation Therapy room. They can be finished in stainless steel, wood veneer or a bespoke paint colour matching all possible room designs and styling. The doors can also incorporate neutron shielding for high-energy photon and particle therapy installations.

We have also installed a 44 tonne sliding door at the Diamond Light Source Synchotron facility at Harwell and bespoke heavy doors, running on rail systems below the floor are a speciality product especially for direct entry, maze-less, space saving bunkers! Our 5 conventional swing door systems located at the new St James Hospital Oncology Unit in Leeds have been working extremely reliably since the centre opened and operate in a very busy and demanding clinical environment.



swing 2
swing 3s
sliding 1s
Neutron maze 2s

DHA and DIB Production have achieved an order for a special 6,000 kgs sliding shielding door for the new World Conservation and Exhibition centre at the British Museum in London.

A new Radiographic testing facility is being built as part of the new building works and the DHA/DIB solution fulfilled the Museum’s exacting specifications for price, performance, bespoke design and reliability.

DHA has also recently installed both swing and sliding automated shielding doors at the Royal Marsden Hospital and Mount Vernon Hospital (picture below) Cyberknife facilities and the new St Thomas’ Hospital TomoTherapy unit.

US South Carolina DIB doors

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